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I'm a freelance writer and editor specializing in business and non-fiction topics. I have an extensive background in corporate management, which gives me a valuable perspective when writing for trade magazines and other business publications.

After spending 15 years in facilities and technology management, I know the type of information today's decision makers need to overcome the issues and challenges they face. Business professionals rely on trade publications to stay abreast of new technologies, understand industry trends, and find solutions to problems large and small. I write articles that give readers the facts they need, along with insight from industry leaders they respect.

Editors appreciate my professionalism and reliability. I’m a skilled writer, researcher, and interviewer, and I'm able to turn assignments around quickly by leveraging my business expertise to locate accurate information and expert sources.

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I've also written for business publications such as the Puget Sound Business Journal, along with contributing to industry-sponsored position papers and textbooks.

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My editing experience includes textbooks, non-fiction books, and memoirs.